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June 10, 2024


Podcaster and HR Consultant

Jamie created @Humorous_Resources in September 2020 while working at a non-profit clinic. While in the middle of a global pandemic, and a Human Resources department of one, she needed a creative outlet. She knew there had to be other HR Professionals out there that needed a giggle as much as she did. Shortly after creating @Humorous_Resources, Jamie had more content she wanted to share but wouldn’t fit her corporate humor page. In July 2021, she created @Millennial_Misery where she shares funny childhood memories and memes. In August 2022, @the_chiefmemeofficer was born where Jamie could showcase red flag job posting, horrendous HR stories and content staring Jamie herself.

Tell us a little bit about the person behind the account

I’m Jamie Jackson, the self proclaimed, Chief Meme Officer. I run several meme accounts and host a podcast. I’m also a mom of 4 and a HR consultant by day.

How did Millennial Misery get started?

I had so many ideas about nostalgia posts but they did fit on Humorous Resources so in July 2021 I decided to dedicate a page to just nostalgia memes.

What was the first thing you ever posted that caught millennials attention?

A meme about stick on earrings and how your still a baddie if you wore them.

Tell us about your other accounts and what the inspo was behind them?

@humorous_reosurces was my first baby, I created in Sept of 2020, for corporate humor memes. @the_chiefmemeoffice is my space to share all my memes and TikTok I created. I also recently started a parenting meme page call @parody_parenting.

Tell us about your podcast and where we can listen

I am 1/3 of the HR Besties. A podcast where a lawyer and two HR pros discuss our lives in HR and the absurdity of the field.

What is a nostalgic memory you have that you think of often?

Playing Mall Madness on my living room floor with my dad (he broken his ankle the Christmas I got it)

What was your go to fragrance growing up?

Country Apple 🍎 and Sunflowers

What do you think is the most popular thing you share for millennials?

Any trend Gen Z says is old school. Us millennials get fired up! Currently ankle socks.

Name one of the coolest experiences you’ve had on this journey so far

Just being able to connect with people. I get so many DMs from followers that tell me a story from their childhood that my page help spark that memory!

If Millennial Misery had a soundtrack what 5 songs would have to be on it?

1. Juvenile – Back dat ass up
2. Lil Kim – The Jump Off
3. Lil Troy – wanna be a baller
4. Notorious B.I.G. – juicy
5. Usher – Yeah

Favorite movie growing up?

Wayne’s World

Name or describe a show that you remember that you feel like no one else does

I still do not know the name of this: It was a mini series and it took place in an airport terminal. And the world was ending. It’s all I really remember.

Name something you wish will never resurface again and one thing you hope does

Jelly shoes – hard no. I hope Candies shoes come back. I love those.

I know you have a love for the OG Berry Kix cereal. Tell us why you loved it so much

The flavor is unmatched.

Whats ahead for your accounts? Anything fun you can give us a sneak peak to?

Planning a 90s Night in Nashville on 7/6/24

A phrase you would leave for a nostalchick – words of wisdom

“Well-behaved women seldom make history”

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