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February 7, 2024

Ah, the ’90s—where everything was rad and Barney ruled the airwaves with his purple charm! If you were a kid back then, you know the struggle of wanting all things Barney.

From bedding to party supplies, lunchboxes to jack-in-the-box toys and even Baby Bop pajamas, here are 17 nostalgic Barney items that were at the top of every ’90s kid’s wishlist

1. To sleep in that comfy Barney bedding set

Nothing screamed ultimate fan more than having your bed decked out in Barney sheets, pillowcases and comforter. It was like sleeping in a big, purple hug every night

2. Having the ultimate kids party with Barney’s arty supplies

Birthday parties were lit with Barney-themed plates, cups, napkins and banners. Every kid hoped for a Barney-themed bash with all their friends and, of course, a Barney cake!

3. Walking confidently to lunch with the Barney lunchbox

Heading to school with a Barney lunchbox was the epitome of cool. Bonus points if it came with a matching thermos for those chocolate milk days.

4. The excitement to see Barney come out of the Jack-in-the-box toy

Wind it up and out pops Barney! This toy was pure joy and guaranteed to bring a smile to any ’90s kid’s face.

5. To look adorable in the Barney & Baby Bop pajamas

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in some cozy Barney and Baby Bop PJs? Complete with her signature green color and adorable face, these pajamas were a bedtime essential

6. Cuddling up with a Barney plush

Every kid needed their own Barney plushie for cuddles and adventures. Whether it was the small one for on-the-go or the giant one for epic snuggle sessions, Barney was always there for a hug.


7. Having a movie marathon with Barney’s VHS tapes

Before streaming, we had VHS tapes and every ’90s kid had a collection of Barney episodes to watch on repeat. “Barney’s Great Adventure” was a must-have for movie nights.

8.  Being the star of the classroom with Barney backpacks

Heading to school in style meant sporting a backpack featuring everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur. It was the perfect accessory for carrying all those books and snacks.

9.  Having loads of fun with Barney puzzles

Spending hours putting together a Barney puzzle was a favorite rainy-day activity. Plus, once it was complete, you had a rad picture to hang up in your room.

10.  Collecting every Barney action figure

Collecting Barney and his friends in action figure form was a serious hobby for many ’90s kids. They were perfect for reenacting favorite scenes from the show.

11. Jamming with Barney’s songs on a CD player toy

Listing and moving to Barney’s greatest hits was even more epic with a Barney-themed CD player. It was like having your own mini concert wherever you went.

12. Telling the time with Barney watches

Learning to tell time was way cooler with a Barney watch strapped to your wrist. Plus, it made sure you were never late for playdates with your friends.

13. Channeling our inner artist with Barney coloring books

Coloring inside the lines was a breeze with a Barney coloring book. From rainbows to dinosaurs, there was no shortage of fun pictures to bring to life.

14. Making bath time extra with Barney bubble bath

Bath time became a magical adventure with Barney bubble bath. Plus, the bottle usually came with a fun toy hidden inside, adding an extra element of excitement.

15. Non stop fun playing with Barney board games

Family game night got a Barney twist with board games featuring all your favorite characters. It was all about having fun and learning together.

16. Passing time flipping through Barney magazines

Keeping up with all things Barney was easy with a subscription to Barney magazine. Packed with stories, activities and posters, it was a must-read for any superfan.

17. Spending quiet time with Barney books

Remember those colorful Barney books we used to flip through? They were like gold for ’90s kids. From simple picture books to stories packed with adventure, they were our go-to for bedtime tales

Reminiscing about these 17 Barney treasures takes us right back to those carefree days of ’90s childhood.

From the excitement of unwrapping a Barney-themed gift to the joy of watching our favorite purple dinosaur come to life on screen, Barney was more than just a character—he was a friend who taught us valuable lessons and filled our hearts with laughter and love.

So here’s to the memories of wanting those Barney goodies so bad as kids