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January 29, 2024

Hey cool cats and lovebirds of the 90s! As Valentine’s Day comes around, let’s kick it old school and take a laid-back journey through the raddest era of all time. So throw on your flannel shirt, pop in your mixtape and let’s reminisce about the 14 Valentine’s things we did in the 90s in all their grunge and glory.

1. DIY Mixtapes for your crush

Remember the days when expressing your love meant spending hours curating the perfect mixtape? Nothing said “I dig you” like a carefully crafted collection of Nirvana, TLC and Backstreet Boys hits.

2. Picking out the perfect Beanie Baby for your sweetheart

Who needs roses when you could give your boo a limited edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby? It was all about finding the rarest plush critter to show your undying affection.

3. Writing love notes in class with gel pens

Before the digital age, passing handwritten notes adorned with scented gel pens was the ultimate way to communicate your feelings. Bonus points if you folded them into those intricate origami shapes.

4. Getting crafty with friendship bracelets

Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse to spend hours crafting matching friendship bracelets. Bonus if you could incorporate glow-in-the-dark beads.

5. Anxiously waiting for your crush to call on your landline

No text messages here! We patiently waited for that special someone to call our landline, all while dealing with the heart-stopping anxiety that our parents might pick up. 

6.  Coordinating outfits with your significant other

Matching denim jackets, anyone? The 90s were all about those adorable couples who coordinated their outfits, proving that true love was in the details.

7. Sending roses with secret admirer notes

Stealthily sending a single red rose with an anonymous note was the mysterious way to declare your admiration. The challenge was keeping it a secret until the big reveal!

8. Collecting conversation hearts with radical messages

Who needs sweet nothings when you can express your feelings with candy hearts featuring slogans like “As If” and “Hugs 4 U”? Pure 90s romance!

9. Renting romantic VHS tapes from Blockbuster

The ultimate date night involved renting a romantic movie from Blockbuster, complete with a bag of popcorn and a cozy blanket fort.

10. Flipping through Tiger Beat Magazine for relationship tips

Looking to spice up your relationship? Tiger Beat had all the answers. From dreamy celebrity crushes to quizzes about your love compatibility, it was our ultimate guide to romance.

11. Decorating your locker with heartthrobs

Filling your locker with heartthrob posters was a must. Leonardo di Caprio, anyone? It was like a shrine to your 90s crushes.

12. Getting Lisa Frank valentine’s things

Valentine’s Day wasn’t complete without trading Lisa Frank cards featuring neon-colored animals and quirky messages. It was the perfect way to express your feelings in a fun and colorful way.

13. Giving handwritten Valentines

In the age of heartfelt communication, nothing spoke volumes more than a handwritten Valentine. Pouring your feelings onto paper in cursive was an art and receiving one was like holding a piece of someone’s heart.

14. Getting McDonald’s coupons for a free ice cream as a Valentine

Who needs fancy chocolates when you could hand out McDonald’s coupons for a free ice cream cone? It was a deliciously quirky way to show someone you cared—plus, who could resist those golden arches?

So there you have it! 14 Valentine’s things that will transport you back to the days when love was a mixtape and romance meant picking out the perfect Beanie Baby.

Happy Valentine’s Day, 90s style!

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