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February 15, 2024

Hey there, movie buffs and nostalgia seekers! Remember Blockbuster Video? Oh, those were the days! As we cozy up with our streaming services, let’s pause for a sec and reminisce about the good ol’ times at Blockbuster.

From Friday night movie runs to browsing the aisles for hours, there’s so much we miss about that iconic store. So, grab some popcorn, kick back and join us as we count down the 13 things we miss the most about Blockbuster. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Photo: Newsweek.com

1. The thrill of the hunt

Wandering through the aisles, scanning rows of movie covers and stumbling upon hidden gems.

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2. Friday night excursions

Making Blockbuster runs a weekly tradition, where the whole family or a group of friends would gather to pick out movies for the weekend.

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Photo: Pinterest / 90sSwag

3. Staff recommendations

Trusting the expertise of Blockbuster employees to suggest must-watch movies or hidden treasures.

Photo: Youtube.com / Chuck Drake

Photos: Theverge.com

Photo: Youtube.com / Chuck Drake

4. Membership benefits

Feeling like a VIP with your Blockbuster membership card, which often came with perks like discounts, exclusive promotions, or early access to new releases.

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5. New release excitement

The excitement of seeing new movie releases on the shelves and hoping your desired title was still available.

Photo: king5.com

6. Movie snacks

Picking out movie snacks like popcorn, candy and soda to enjoy during your movie night.

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7. Blockbuster video game rentals

Don’t forget about the video game rentals, where you could try out new games without committing to buying them.

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Photo: Businessinsider.com

8. The ritual of returning movies

The ritual of returning movies, dropping them off in the slot and knowing that you’d soon be back for more.

Photo: Businessinsider.com

Photo: Businessinsider.com

9.  In-store promotions

Participating in promotions like “Rent two, get one free” or “5 movies for 5 nights” deals.

Photo: Businessinsider.com

Photo: Businessinsider.com

10. The aroma of popcorn

Being greeted by the comforting scent of freshly popped popcorn as soon as you stepped inside the store.

Photo: Businessinsider.com

Photo: Businessinsider.com

11. Kids Play Pak promos

Excitement over Blockbuster’s Kids Play Pak promos, where families could enjoy special deals bundling together movies, popcorn and snacks tailored specifically for children’s movie nights

Photo: Youtube.com / 90’s Video girl

Photo: Youtube.com / 90’s Video girl

12. Movie and pizza parties

Hosting movie and pizza parties with friends or family, ordering pizza from Domino’s and renting movies from Blockbuster for a fun-filled evening of food and entertainment.

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Photo: diarioeldia.cl

13. Nostalgic décor

Admiring the retro posters, movie memorabilia and colorful displays that adorned the walls, adding to the unique charm of the Blockbuster experience.

Photo: Businessinsider.com

Photo: Businessinsider.com

That’s a wrap, folks! Reminiscing about Blockbuster sure brings back some awesome memories, doesn’t it? From those epic Friday night movie runs to the smell of buttery popcorn that hit you as soon as you walked in, Blockbuster was more than just a store—it was a whole vibe!

So let’s raise a virtual toast to the 13 things we miss most about Blockbuster. Whether it’s the thrill of finding that hidden gem or the simple joy of sharing a pizza-and-movie night with friends, Blockbuster will always hold a special place in our hearts. Here’s to the good times and the movie magic—it’s been a blast!



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