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December 21, 2023

Hey Blockheads! If your heart still skips a beat at the mention of Joey, Jordan, Donnie, Jonathan and Danny and you can’t resist the urge to bust out your vintage NKOTB merch, you might be a true-blue New Kids on the Block superfan! Get ready to nod along to these 15 signs that you were—and still are—an obsessed NKOTB fan.


1. You can still sing every word to “Step by Step” and dance to it without missing a beat.

“Step by Step” starts playing and you not only sing every word but seamlessly dance along, capturing the essence of your teenage self.

2. Your wardrobe is filled with vintage NKOTB concert shirts.

Your closet is a treasure trove of nostalgia, housing a collection of vintage New Kids on the Block concert shirts that vividly capture the spirit of their iconic performances.

3. You have a dedicated NKOTB shrine in your room, complete with posters, memorabilia and even a Joey McIntyre action figure.

Transforming your room into a Blockhead sanctuary with a dedicated NKOTB shrine, featuring posters, memorabilia, and even a Joey McIntyre action figure standing guard over your cherished fandom.

4. Your bed became a haven for plush new kids on the block dolls

Your bed isn’t just for sleeping; it’s a plush paradise adorned with New Kids on the Block dolls, turning it into a comforting haven of cuddly memories.

5. After every concert, you meticulously list down all the songs the New Kids on the Block performed

You make it a ritual to meticulously compile a list of every song performed by the New Kids on the Block, ensuring no musical memory slips away.

6. You’ve seen the NKOTB documentary more times than you can count and you still tear up during the emotional parts.

The NKOTB documentary isn’t just a film; it’s an emotional journey you’ve embarked on countless times, still getting teary-eyed during the most poignant moments.

7. Taking the New Kids on the Block notebooks to class

Heading to school with your New Kids on the Block notebooks is like bringing a party to your backpack! School just got a whole lot cooler with your favorite boy band cheering you on through every class.

8. You’ve put together a playlist that is solely dedicated to the music of New Kids on the Block.

Your music library boasts a carefully crafted playlist entirely devoted to the infectious tunes of New Kids on the Block. It’s not just a collection of songs; it’s a sonic journey through your unwavering Blockhead fandom.

9. You’ve adorned yourself with NKOTB jewelry.

Elevating your style with a touch of Blockhead flair—adorn yourself with NKOTB jewelry, turning accessories into expressions of unwavering fandom.

10. Having a sleepover with friends, don’t forget your NKOTB sleeping bag

Bringing along your trusty New Kids on the Block sleeping bag. It’s not just bedding; it’s a cozy time machine to your Blockhead days.

11. You were ordering every single item available through the fan club as a true fan.

Your dedication to the New Kids on the Block extends to the fan club, where ordering every available item becomes a rite of passage for a true fan.

12. You owned every one of the dolls

Your doll collection isn’t just a few tokens; you proudly own each and every New Kids on the Block doll, turning your space into a mini Blockhead museum.

13. You delved into every authorized and unauthorized biography, special magazine feature, and issue with their faces on the cover.

Dive deep into the world of NKOTB with authorized and unauthorized biographies, special magazine features, and any issue featuring their faces on the cover, creating a literary shrine to your favorite band.

14. You’ve played the NKOTB board game

Night of pure nostalgia by playing the New Kids on the Block board game. It’s not just a game; it’s a journey back to the era when board games and boy bands ruled your world.

15. Gathered a stash of NKOTB trading cards and stickers

Embrace the nostalgia with a stash of NKOTB trading cards and stickers, preserving a piece of your fandom in a tangible and collectible form.

So there you have it, fellow Blockheads! If you found yourself checking off most of these signs, congratulations—you’re a lifelong New Kids on the Block aficionado. Keep rocking those classic tunes, reliving those concert memories, and don’t be ashamed to flaunt your NKOTB pride. After all, some things never go out of style, just like our favorite boy band from Boston. Hang tough and stay Blockhead strong!



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