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October 17, 2023

“Dinosaurs” was a television series that originally aired from 1991 to 1994. Created and produced by Michael Jacobs and Bob Young, the show was a unique and beloved family sitcom. Set in a prehistoric world, the series followed the daily lives of the Sinclair family, a middle-class dinosaur family living in a dinosaur-centric society. The show used innovative puppetry and animatronics, courtesy of Jim Henson Productions, to bring the dinosaurs to life. The humor in the show revolved around the challenges of everyday life in this prehistoric world and often addressed social and environmental issues, making it both entertaining and educational. With its witty take on contemporary themes and memorable characters, “Dinosaurs” left a lasting impact on television history and remains a classic in the hearts of its fans.

Here’s a description of the Animated Series – “DINOSAURS” 


Run Time: 1991-1994

Genre: TV Series

News stories written at the time of the show’s premiere highlighted Dinosaurs’ connection to Jim Henson, who died the year before. Henson conceived the show in 1988, according to an article in The New York Times, adding he wanted it to be a sitcom, but about a family of dinosaurs. Until the success of The Simpsons, according to Alex Rockwell, a vice president of the Henson organization, “people thought it was a crazy idea.”

In the late 1980s, Henson worked with William Stout, a fantasy artist, illustrator and designer, on a feature film starring animatronic dinosaurs with the working title of The Natural History Project; a 1993 article in The New Yorker said that Henson continued to work on a dinosaur project (presumably the Dinosaurs concept) until the “last months of his life.”

The television division of The Walt Disney Company began working on the series in 1990 for CBS before the series landed on ABC, which Disney eventually acquired.

Dinosaurs is initially set in the alternate 60,000,003 BC in Pangaea. The show centers on the Sinclair family: Earl Sinclair (the father), Fran Sinclair (Phillips – the mother ), their three children (son Robbie, daughter Charlene, and infant, Baby Sinclair) and Fran’s mother, Ethyl.

Earl’s job is to push over trees for the Wesayso Corporation with his friend and coworker Roy Hess, where they work under the supervision of their boss Bradley P. Richfield.


Dinosaurs” had several memorable quotes, many of which were humorous and often delivered by the show’s characters. Here are some of the best-known quotes from the series:

  • “Not the mama!” – This iconic catchphrase was often uttered by Baby Sinclair, the youngest member of the Sinclair family, whenever he wanted attention or was frustrated.
  • “I’m the baby, gotta love me!” – Baby Sinclair had another famous line that showcased his need for affection and attention.
  • “It’s a television, not a petting zoo!” – Earl Sinclair, the father of the family, sometimes delivered this line when he wanted his family to stop touching or interfering with the television.
  • “Let the Pterodactyl lead you!” – This was a recurring catchphrase from the “WeSaySo” company’s slogan, emphasizing corporate dominance and consumerism in the show.
  • “I’m going to the big mud puddle in the sky!” – This was a humorous line delivered by the elderly character Grandma Ethyl, who had a penchant for dramatic and eccentric statements.
  • “When food goes bad, you die!” – Earl Sinclair shared this practical life lesson with his son, Robbie, in a humorous attempt to teach him about food safety.
  • “Charlene, breathe! But don’t inhale.” – Fran Sinclair, the mother of the family, offered this unusual piece of advice to her daughter, Charlene, highlighting the show’s satirical take on parenting.
  • “Don’t step on the Crustaceans.” – This line reflects the show’s quirky humor, as the Crustaceans are tiny, crab-like creatures who inhabited the Sinclair’s backyard.
  • “Hi, I’m the tree pusher!” – A character named Monica DeVertebrae introduced herself with this satirical title, mocking corporate positions and environmental concerns.
  • “Dinosaurs aren’t the boss. They’re just middle management!” – A line that poked fun at corporate hierarchies and the challenges faced by the Sinclair family in their daily lives.

These quotes capture the humor and social commentary that “Dinosaurs” was known for, making them memorable parts of the show’s legacy.



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